We perform a free, no-obligation on-site inspection and evaluation of your refrigeration and freezer gaskets, followed by a detailed estimate of repairs and recommendations.

24 – 48hr turnaround available Our high-quality refrigeration gaskets are installed by experienced professionals within 24 – 48 hours after the initial estimate for most models.

During our initial inspection, our qualified technician will measure and identify all your gaskets and provide a unique number that identifies each one. This will help us serve you more efficiently and in a timely manner. Our flat rates will save you money. Our pricing formula is governed by the number of gaskets that are applied to the Service Plan. The more gaskets added to your service agreement the greater the savings. We won’t be beaten. Give us a written estimate from a local competitor and we will save you 10% more! We keep our overhead low and build your gaskets locally to ensure we are a viable business while providing our customer’s savings that are hard to match.


Our qualified gasket technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of all your gaskets and the associated hardware. Once the inspection is completed we will work with the designated contact to go over our findings and make recommendations if necessary. In the event, you need any type of repair or maintenance work we will provide a free estimate onsite and schedule a day/time to complete the needed work. They also will schedule an onsite inspection every 6 months approximately to ensure your gaskets and the associated hardware is performing adequately. If you require shorter inspection cycles or you have an immediate need for an onsite inspection we can accommodate your scheduling needs at no cost to you.


Once the service program is active, ordering new refrigeration gaskets for any of your stores will be easy.  Here is how you will order.

STEP 1- Decide which gasket or gaskets need replacement.

STEP 2-Write down the door number located on the refrigerator unit pertaining to the damaged gasket.

STEP 3- Call Pro Gasket Guy at (281) 288 0100 and place the order, or email the order to, and confirm the date that the gaskets are required by.

Pro Gasket Guy has earned a reputation of excellence, honesty, and integrity, by combining product quality with total customer commitment.  We hope that you can see that we are looking to earn your business every step of the way, and we look forward to discussing any further questions that you may have at this time.

Call us and ask for our PRO-LINK program to save TIME, MONEY and have full control of your BUDGET!!!!


1-Non-stop running units result in terrible wear and tear and very expensive repair bills to the compressors.
2-Outrageous utility bills.
3-Refrigerator and freezer units whose temperatures are too warm.
4-Food spoilage.
5-A harbor for bacteria and mold.
6-Health Department Inspection violations.
7-Corporate Inspection violations.


Pro Gasket Guy manufactures the most complete line of replacement single and dual hardness refrigerator gaskets in the US with over 100 different gasket styles.
We know that our reputation is only as good as your last experience with us, and we take that very seriously. Our core values are based on creating the best customer experience we can provide. These core values are important to us, and all of our employees are part of our team because they believe in providing:

1-THE HIGHEST QUALITY OEM and better than OEM quality Refrigeration Gaskets!
2-UNMATCHED KNOWLEDGE for Commercial Refrigeration Doors and Gaskets!
4-FREE INVENTORY and Database Management Services
5-EASY ORDERING and Re-Ordering
6-FAST Turnaround


When we come out to provide our free gasket estimate, we will review with you any hardware issues you might have and provide a competitively priced solution we will explain available options so that you can choose the service that’s right for your business. Our goal is to not only meet your project’s needs but also to prevent potential problems in the future, so that you can focus only on your business. We have a great selection of refrigerator door accessories to ensure smooth operation. Whether you’re looking for a replacement door hinge cartridge, a locking kit, or even a simple door handle, Pro Gasket Guy has your needed refrigerator door


Strip doors and panel curtains help you maintain cold temperatures in refrigerated areas or create a rugged barrier for control of heat, dust, drafts, insects, and noise in warehouse or dock door applications. Save money on energy expenses and extend compressor life by installing strip curtains in walk-in cooler/freezer opening or on refrigerated trucks. Strip doors trap in cold air, keeping foods fresher and extending shelf life while allowing full visibility and easy access for personnel. In warehouses, strip doors are a must for controlling environmental conditions, saving money on heating costs, and ensuring worker safety with full visibility and easy passage for foot and vehicular traffic. Significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs on compressors.


We provide high quality and high precision fabrication of stainless steel from concept, to design, to prototype, to full production, our modern facility can meet your needs for custom metal fabrication. Designs for your project can be created by our engineering team, from an idea, a sample product, or even the back of a restaurant napkin. With state of the art design and fabrication equipment, your product or prototype can be developed quickly and efficiently. From commercial kitchens to elegant residential kitchens, we have the experience to get your project done right, and done on time.

On Site Welding

We can weld stainless steel on-site, completing plant repairs and installation, commercial kitchen repair, kitchen equipment repair, and kitchen appliance repair.We employ certified welders that know how to weld stainless steel using multiple processes such as tig welding stainless steel, and mig welding stainless steel.

Cutting boards

Purchasing new cutting boards is an investment and the quality of the plastic matters greatly. Inexpensive cutting boards wear out quickly, warp during high-temperature cleaning and are often unable to be resurfaced. It only costs a little more to purchase high-quality boards but, the return on investment is significant. We stock a variety of thicknesses and colors to meet your needs. We also restore the cutting boards to “like new” conditions, give us a call for more details.