«Hiya! Im Stephanie Ramos and I am the customer service manager at Pro Gasket Guy. I enjoy photography, basketball, and breakfast food.I have a dog named Lucy who is the cutest! On my free time, I enjoy board games and great company. I believe simplicity is the key to brilliance.


Hi my name is Rafael, in charge of fixing most of your problems, well, that can be too much (let’s say some). Anyways I have two beautiful kids and a wife, I like to play tennis, basketball, dance bachata and good food. You can contact me for any of your kitchen needs, I will more than happy to assist you.


Hello, I’m Edna Peralta, in sales here at Pro Gasket Guy! I enjoy football season, BBQ-ING, fishing…pretty much anything outdoors. My daughter is in college (proud mom), and she is half way done. I have 2 AMAZING dogs that I adopted. I come from a very large family, and I’m the only girl. I’m very social, joke around a lot, and really enjoy laughing with my family and friends. My MOTTO- Laughter is the best cure no matter what you’re going though in life. SMILE!


Hey! I’m Carolyn the Sales Manager. When I’m not “the serious one” in the office, I have fun co-hosting my talk radio show, slangin’ drinks behind a bar, cuddling with my fur babies, and watching Texas sports! My motto: No hagas pendej***s!


Hello everybody!!!! My name is George, the GM. I’m the guy who pays attention to all the details, that’s why im going to be in debt pretty soon!!! Father of 2, husband of 1. Love soccer, music, family and friends. I made a huge TO DO list for this weekend. Just can’t figure out who’s going to do it.

To be continue…


I’m Areli . I like to spend time with my family, but also alone, through self reflection.I like to run outdoors. I love music of all kinds, meeting new people, to laugh, to cry, to work, and living my life by always seeing the positive side of everything.I strive to be a good friend,  always have an ear that knows how to listen, give good advice to anyone who wants it and a hug to those who need it.